About Us

Melanie Sood owner of Kidsak

Kidsak was born in the summer of 2017, from the hands of entrepreneur Mélanie Sood, mother of two children. Aware of the real needs of modern parents, the founder had an initial project to offer a full range of bags of all kinds: school bags, diaper bags, lunch boxes and snack bags.

Over time, the Sherbrooke company has made the right change: why not specialize and offer a unique product? Kidsak has since become a wholesaler and seller of reusable snack bags, a very popular product since its appearance on the market. The idea behind this creation? Use a single bag for snacks or lunches in order to save money and, above all, to encourage the zero waste movement, in a context where our planet badly needs considerable changes in our consumption habits.

Kidsak snack bags are available in a variety of sizes, and in a variety of formulas such as lined bags, unlined bags, designs that will appeal to women, men and children. The entire Kidsak collection is designed and created in the Estrie region, and is made from high quality materials, purchased entirely in Montreal. Each bag is handmade, with special attention to the quality and attention to the details that distinguishes the product.

Kidsak bags are also used as tote bags, such as make-up bags, baby washcloths, wet or dirty laundry bags for swimming or camping, and so much more.

Kidsak products are available online, as well as in many stores. Their offer is large, diversified, and above all, it enters the zero waste line by replacing the classic ziploc bag.

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